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Safa Company for processing and packing citrus fruits, was

founded in 2003, where he was based Society

Ahmed Orabi – Qaliubiya It works in the export of citrus fruits

in different countries of the world

(Arab countries – Evrivih – EU – Russia)They advance this work as follows

1 – Purchase citrus farms to large areas of the different types

of citrus, where the quality of the crop

2 – the station overseeing the full purchased on the farm until

the stage of harvest

3 – Receive the crop inside the station under the supervision

of the plant for harvest and transport

4 – The receiving station and the share of raw and make sure

it is free of pests and disadvantages of commercial or


5 – the plant running raw receiver, and screened by the

Company (clearance – laundry – sorting


6 – the company’s classification of the product ready for

export by size and by country to be export


7 – The employment and training of agricultural engineers

under the supervision of specialists in the field of packaging

And packaging

Where we export our product to the required specifications of

each country in line with the needs of the state

Where you want to export to meet the requests for overseas


Thank God we’ve come to the market in excellent within the

Arab countries, Russia and the Hozna

Satisfaction of our customers and we seek-permanent

Behind the more distinguished

Second: We are working in the field of exporting

pomegranates since 5 years and increase in the quantities

exported in ascending

From year to year until we reach the level which we hope

Alaúq through the quality and quantity we want

Third: We are working in various types of grapes Nsidir (Vlam

– Asebreo – Crismon – Old Globe

Fourth: We are working in the field of export of various types

of onion to different Arab markets as well

To Europe and Russia, we have provided amounts over the

last five years

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